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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow-My Fated Life

November 11th, 2008 (03:05 pm)

        About this kind of lifestyle I have been already dreaming for a long time, and thank God to let me make it come true . Or he has just given me a very nice new start to have a new life! In a small town, i work as a teacher. and there are only kids around me. No passion, no temptation, just live in a very quiet way! And when those who live in big cities  get crazy and fed up with endless traffic, i am here calm enough and satisfied with my traditional transport tools - bicycle! However,  to ride a bicycle along the road where many cars run swiftly by  is so wonderful and exciting. Especially, it's not in my motherland but in a small Russian town. Though I am not allowed to do so since they imagine what a dangerous thing it would be while riding a bicycle between the running cars. I appreciate that they care about my safety, but still I insist on doing  what i really wanna do!  Just because i can be myself and find whom i really am while riding the blue bike in the wind with a handbag in my arm, breathing the fresh air coming from the forest situated on the both sides of the road. Probably I am just such a person whoes temper is always in the extreme. After such a stimulating tour, I always sense the tranquility of being a kids' teacher in the school. I am happy that i have made the final decision to leave the crowded city-Moscow: a charming unsleepy city, where I  started  my second love relationship and let all the past be gone, where I grew up and tasted the sweetness and bitterness of my life, where I lost not only my first marriage, but also myself after staying for nearly 7 years, and finally, I ended all those broken stories in leaving for another quiet town - the place where I can find tranquility in my soul and my beloved career!  


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