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Thinking of Autumn

April 16th, 2004 (10:33 pm)

Our classes are over, I have left the University and i'm going home.It's autumn now, i am walking in the autumn wind, feeling how wonderful.The fallen leaves lie motionless on the roads,plenty of yellow leaves are falling around floating to the ground.The leaves in the trees are fewer and fewer.
I often gaze at this sight quietly in admiration,i feel more sick at my heart. I ask myself why the leaves fall from the trees, if they know that one day they would fall from the tree trunk, why do they come here again? Just like humans!
In our country, the sentence "the falling leaves settle on the roots like a person who lived somewhere, finally returns to his ancestral home" is being spoken very often.It means when a man who works or lives in a strange land becomes very old, he will be back home,which he left when he was young.Just like me, i am living here far away from my homeland now, but i know one day i will return to my home like he does.
Someone says that autumn is a more thinking season, i do believe so, because so much more homesickness is filling with my heart now.
Though the life is short as leaves, but we ought to live with full of vitality in our lives like leaves embellish with full of green to the world in spring!